Monday, September 11, 2006

Fishes in love in a lotus pondFishes engaged in love in a lotus pond. Fishes symbolize good luck and prosperity in several part of the world.

Lord Surya
Lord Surya or sun god in his majestic form indicates the power and energy that the world derives from him.

Maa Chandrama
Moon or Chandrama Maa or goddess moon in her calmness reflects the calmness she provides to the world. The blue colors of the night depict the calmness associated with the goddess and the light that the moon provides the world in the ocean of darkness.

Matsyavtaara of Lord Vishnu
Matsyavataara is generally represented as a four-armed figure with the upper torso of a man and the lower of a fish.Long ago, when life first appeared on the earth, a terrible demon terrorized the earth. He prevented sages from performing their rituals and stole the Holy Vedas, taking refuge in a conch shell in the depths of the ocean. Brahma, the creator of the world approached Vishnu for help. Vishnu assumed the Matsya form and retrieved the vedasand then restored them to their original fragrance

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