Monday, January 25, 2010

Madhubani Painting on Silk Dupattas

This is part of my latest project I am working on to create some exclusive pattern on silk and cotton dupattas and stoles...Here are some of them....


radhika said...

Vidushini, these stoles look gorgeous. Do you sell them also?

Kislay said...


Can i have your direct contact number. I am looking for a mithila paintings artists in Bangalore.

98800 27443

Mukta said...

Dear Vidushini

Greetings to you. Your work is so exquisite n beautifu. As a Indian i'm proud that you are promoting this art from Bihar.

I have a shop"Josh Gallery" in Pune,Maharastra. We promote all kind of Indian Art Products. We also promote various products made by NGO'S of our country.

I'll be privileged to buy dupatta's from you.

Do let me know if they are for sale? How much they cost?

If possible give me your contact number so that i can speak to you for this purpose.

You can mail me at
My contact no. is +919096773637

Hope to have a long and fruitful business relation with you.


Mukta Raj

Pratima Kapoor said...

So colourful and beautiful dupatta. Its breathtaking work. Please show more of your work.

Vidushini Prasad said...

Thank you for your comments.

Unknown said...

Dear Vidushini,
I love your work and find your scarves so unusual and creative. I live in the US and have a website called The Loaded Trunk, I travel the globe and buy a few of this and that and this past winter spent a couple of months in India and fell in love the Madhubani paintings and bought some for my site. I would love to have you contact me if you are interested in selling some of your scarves. Please look at my website and let me know if you are interested. My email is

Unknown said...

Hi Vidushini,
I am looking for madhubani painted dupattas, so just wanted to know wether do you sell them. Can i have your contact detail.


Vidushini Prasad said...

Hi Vishveshwari,

I do sell them and prepare these stoles once ordered according to one's specifications. you can contact me at

randheer choudhary said...

I am very happy to see your work in Bangalore...this is the power of MITHILANCHAL & MITHILA PAINTING.

randheer choudhary said...

I am very happy & proud to see your work in Bangalore.This is the

vandana said...

awesome, job well done.i would like to have your suggestions as im a madhubani artist..please guide me.thanks

Unknown said...

Chandramani Pandey said..
I am very ti see your painting work in bangalore. I am proud to see your work. I am from Bihar Madhubani DIst. and doing mithila painting in bangalore. Plese contact me

Unknown said...

Hi Vidushini,

Your work is very beautiful and unique. Please send me your direct number.


Anonymous said...

Dear Vidusini,
lovd ur work..looking for madhubani cotton dupattas in mumbai.plz if u could guide me.