Friday, May 24, 2013

Madhubani Paintings: Its Existence and Possibility by Nibedita Das

Research paper by Nibedita Das, Research Scholar, Department of Visual Arts, Assam University Silchar

Abstract- Indian art history has given a rich storage of traditional painting in Indian sub-continent from pre-history to present time. The style of painting differs from region to region and period to period. There is a living tradition in the art field of Bihar that is called Madhubani painting which enlightened about the social structure as well as cultural identity of Bihar and the styles of painting has been changing from generation to generation.  The article deals with the history, subject matter, use of raw materials and styles of Madhubani Paintings in the context of the role of  local artisans of Jitwarpur village in it. Article focuses on the paintings of Madhubani with special emphasis to the present scenario of  Madhubani painting and how the village painters express their skill through organic colours and free hand brush drawing

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