Friday, July 05, 2013

Madhubani Painting Guru Cremated with State Honours

Renowned Madhubani artist Mahasundari Devi, who died Thursday, was cremated with full state honours Friday in Bihar's Madhubani district.

Mahasundari's son Bipin Kumar Das lit the funeral pyre in the presence of thousands of people, including Bihar Minister Nitish Mishra.

Mahasundari, 82, died at a private nursing home in Madhubani.

She was awarded the Padma Shri in 2011 for her contribution to the art form.

Mahasundari was a born artist and would even as a child draw designs like Kohbar, Baans, Sita Swayamvar, Radha-Krishna on the mud walls of her house on ceremonial occasions.

According to her son, people from across the country and abroad, regularly visited her to learn Madhubani painting. "She also visited several countries to showcase her Madhubani painting," said Das.

Madhubani paintings date back to the seventh century A.D. Traditionally, they were made on the eve of certain rituals and ceremonies such as pujas, 'brats' (fasts) or weddings. However, in the last few decades, they have been popularised all over the world by famous painters, including Mahasundari Devi, one of the pioneers in this field.


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