Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Handmade Collective 2109

My initiation into giving a traditional art Madhubani) a contemporary flavour started with A Hundred Hands. It all started with the first Mango collective by A Hundred Hands in 2013 when I tried to create something new with the theme. I made paintings in katchni style with a background with mango colours. The appreciation that I received from those paintings made me experiment with themes each year and playing with colors that gradually became my signature style. Hence I take the themes decided each year for the handmade collective seriously as I know it will lead to something new in my collection.
Do visit: At the 10th Handmade Collective. Bangalore-20th-24th November at jayamahal palace hotel Coimbatore-29th November to 1st December at Whispering Stones Kochi 5th-'8th December at David Hall #

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