Saturday, August 01, 2015

How to Create Madhubani: 4 Step Process

Process of Making Madhubani
Step 1:

To start a Madhubani Painting, one requires handmade paper or canvas which is first treated with cow dung. . This treatment on paper mirrors the plastered mud walls on which Madhubani paintings are still done in the villages of Madhubani. This is the traditional technique, however,  you can try doing this without treating with cow dung.

Step 2:
Once the paper is treated, a border of ½ to 2 inches is made which is decorated with floral, geometrical designs with intricate lines. This is done with black ink with the help of a nib.

Step 3:
After drawing the border on all four sides, the main theme is drawn at the center. The themes vary from mythological to animal, birds contemporary to social issues. Once the sketch is completed, it should be kept in mind that no space left blank. It has to be filled with floral designs or other motifs

Step 4:
After completing the whole sketch with nib, it is time to fill the outlines drawn with color (as in Bharni style) or intricate lines and design with black and other muted colors (as in Kachni style).
Finally, the painting is ready which can be framed and ready to enhance the d├ęcor of the house, office or other places.

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